Piping stress analysis, as the name suggests, is a test that analysis the stress capacity of pipes. Pipes are used in process plants and are made to handle various types of intentional and unintentional loads. The fact that they can crumble due to the load makes it important that every pipe undergoes stress analysis, which is usually done by pipe stress engineers through computer aided engineering services.

A specialized computer program like CAESAR II, AUTOPIPE, Triflex, etc., is used for this stress test. With the help of the software and the drawings of the pipe, a virtual pipe is constructed by taking the specifications into consideration. Different situations are created to make sure that the pipe follows the applicable codes and standards.

The first step involved in the testing includes identifying the loads that the pipe would have to handle. Once this is done, the effect of the load on the material of the pipe is analyzed. Also, the highest stress on the pipe is analyzed and alterations are made to the pipe according to these results. With these steps, the engineers try to make sure that the design of the pipe is safe.

When the piping stress analysis is done and a design is finalized according to the specifications, only then the pipe is actually manufactured. This makes sure that the pipes work effectively and last for a long time

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