Pressure vessel is an equipment that is used in several industries, especially petrochemical industries, oil refineries, etc. Its main use is to store liquids or gases at different pressure levels other than the atmospheric pressure. This closed container also acts as domestic hot water storage tank and industrial compressed air receiver. There are several other ways in which the pressure vessel is used in the industries. Some of them include diving cylinders, distillation towers, mining operations, recompression chambers, pressure reactors, etc.

The pressure vessels can cause dangerous accidents if they are not designed correctly. This is the reason why engineering service companies use computer aided engineering to design the pressure vessels. Nozzle PRO and PV Elite are the software used for this purpose by most of the engineering services companies in the world.

The pressure vessels can be made in horizontal and vertical shapes. Although the most common pressure vessels are cylindrical in shape, these can be made in spherical and conical shapes too.  While designing the pressure vessels, the engineering companies have to follow the international codes and standards like ASME Sec V-III Div.1 & Div.2. The FEA calculation part is carried out using ANSYS software with respect to above standards.

Once the designing is done, these pressure vessels are analyzed using certain software and codes too. Even old pressure vessels are analyzed and repaired by these engineering companies. Pressure vessel design and analysis is important to make sure that the vessel is manufactured according to the right standards, so that it works efficiently and lasts long.

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