While buying a car, the safety that it provides is an extremely crucial factor that people consider. Hence, this is the prime concern of car manufacturers / OEM’s. Crash Analysis or crash simulation is a procedure that is done to verify the crash worthiness of a vehicle. This is usually done to investigate the safety of the vehicle, i.e. to check the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Today, automakers use computer aided design & Engineering (CAD / CAE) for manufacturing cars, and crash analysis is a part of this computer aided engineering analysis. CAD allows the manufacturers to design a vehicle and conduct various tests with the help of several tools before creating the actual model. This is when the crashworthiness test is done.

During this test, a destructive crash test of a car is created in the virtual world and the safety of the car is examined carefully. The capability of the car body for protecting the people inside the car and the people hit by it are also checked during this process. Also, the safety level of safety devices like seat belts, dash boards, etc., is also checked.

These tests are considered important for several reasons. As these tests are done virtually, the results of such a situation can be obtained without causing actual destruction. Also, these tests are done before the actual car is manufactured, thus saving time as well as money because these tests are inexpensive compared to the same tests done on actual cars. Also, if any problems arise, solutions could be found and the problem rectified before the vehicle is manufactured.

The crash analysis test is done by several computer aided engineering services. This test is important for making a vehicle safe and sturdy.


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