Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a part of the computer aided engineering services , which make use of computer software tools to complete engineering tasks. Finite Element Analysis is one such computer-based tool that is used to find approximate solutions to problems that seem to be difficult.

Although it is finite element analysis, the method used here is not analytically but numerical. FEA breaks down a highly complicated problem into several small and simple problems. After this, solutions are found for all these simple problems and are integrated together to receive a general solution, which is highly accurate.

The FEA technique is usually used in structural engineering. It is highly useful to know the reactions of structures and materials when they are exposed to environmental factors like vibration, heat and force. This test is done before a product is manufactured.

First, a geometric model is created and then it is divided into different, smaller shapes. These shapes are attached to each other through nodal points to know the stress-strain relationship approximately. The behavior of the material and the boundary conditions are applied to all the parts, which is followed by a detail analysis.

Now you know what FEA is, but do you know the benefits of this process? Let us find out.

  • The most important benefit of FEA method is that it saves time in manufacturing new products. In other words, the time taken for developing new products becomes less.
  • The cost of producing or manufacturing the products decreases considerably.
  • With FEA, the quality of the product becomes high. It makes the product more reliable and also increases its product life.
  • By increasing the life of the product, you also gain customer satisfaction, as they do not have to shell out money regularly in repairing and maintenance.
  • FEA is very helpful in developing testing processes. Moreover, it is also a useful tool to predict future issues and avoid them during the production of a product.

Hope this article has helped you to understand the process of Finite Element Analysis and its benefits too.


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